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I am a short cut kind of girl.  If there is possibly a way of doing things quicker I do it.  This is probably why I don’t sew for Ollie Rose, or at all for that matter, as that is something that you need to perfect and take time and not just wack in.

Ari started daycare a couple of months ago for the first time.  Thursdays are now my get everything done days.   I only have about 7 hours to cram everything I can into one day, so all the cleaning, washing, appointments and making a weeks worth of snacks or the freezer.

My current favourite shortcut recipe is this one for muffins.  I make a double batch in my huge Tupperware bowl (by far the best Tupperware investment in the world, it is the bomb diggity).  I then divide the mixture into two bowls and add whatever flavours I have or feel like.  Today we have choc chip and berry muffins waiting to be baked.

You can use this basic mixture to create any combination of flavours you have on hand.  We quite often make apple & cinamon, or before the price of bananas was that of a small car we would always make that flavour.  Great for using up that extra fruit that may be in its way out.

The worlds best bowl – you can make coleslaw in it without spreading cabbage everywhere


2 cups self raising flour

1/2 cup sugar

1 egg beaten

1/4 cup oil

1 cup milk

Whatever flavourings your heart desires.

In the oven at 180 degrees until cooked.

If you want to make bucket loads like I do, just double the mixture.  I do tend to use a little less oil, as oil in cooking is a bit of a freak out for me of years of having oil is bad drummed into me.  It does make them a bit more sticky, but we don’t mind.


With all this talk of the Royal Wedding I keep invisaging high tea.  Of course I have never been to a high tea, but for some reason the Royal Wedding is making me want to have a High Tea at a fancy place.  Nibbling on little delicate sandwiches and wearing a hat of some description and maybe some gloves.

Here are some gorgeous High Tea items that I think would be perfect for my arvo tea.

Tea Cozy by Handy Little Me

Some cake, the kind that doesn’t go to your hips

A cake stand even the Queen will love

Whilst I would love to break out the Royal Albert China, you just never know that your guests may drop one, so maybe we can have a vibrant T2 Tea


Care to join me this arvo? 

I came across this website today as part of Babyology, and wow, what a gorgeous cubby house, created by Cat +Lil.

I can honestly say, if my children owned it, there is no way it would look like that.  Being boys they like to bring the outside into their cubby house, and I gave up years ago with trying to keep it clean and now just let them turn it into a sand/stick waste land.  But I do think that they should make them in Mummy size, cause I want one just for me, maybe a flash office out the back?

If you want the flashest cubby house in the neighbourhood, how about this little number, available from Posh Tots?  Though at nearly $20,000 US, I think Mummy will be getting her room long before the kids get a flash cubby house.  In fact by the time we ever have that kind of cash spare for a cubby house, the kids will have their own kids.

Then again, having boys, I can just see how impressive this will be towering out of our backyard.


To say my recipes are disorganised is a bit of an understatement – they are total chaos.

On a recent trip to Perth I spent ages in my new favourite store Typo.  I love stationary stores, I love notebooks and pens and paper and folders, it all makes me go mushy inside.     I spent ages in there trying to justify as many purchases as I could whilst also refraining from going a little overboard.

One purchase I did make was a recipe folder.  I have a terrible habit of printing off recipes, stealing them from magazines or scribbling them on bits of paper and shoving them in our cookbook cupboard, and it was high time I organise them a bit better – and stop the regular pain of trying to find that bit of paper when I want it.

Oh the sheer bliss of being able to go to a category and find what I need all in a nice little plastic sleeve (which if you cook like me is handy cause I tend to splatter everything on my 2000 bits of paper I use).


I have been toying with the idea for a while of making some changes to our kitchen and family room.  We have had the colour scheme of brown, green and white since we first moved in 5 years ago, and I am finding myself dreaming of a new colour scheme.

The hard part is choosing something that I won’t get bored with in another year or two, as it is no mean feat to paint walls, been there, done that, and not really keen to do it over and over.  At the moment my ideas are centering around duck egg blue, grey and white, such as this nursery room seen on Room Tonic.

Rather than paint all my walls a grey colour, I am thinking of keeping them really neutral and instead changing our accessories to match.  This does mean an ambitious paint of our current buffet and kitchen table, but I am secretly hoping my sister will take on that job (hint hint Kobie).

Images from Skinny La Minx, Restyled Vintage Blog,  Tesco


Recently I was lucky enough to pick up a bag of vintage ladybird books for the pricely sum of $15.

When I got home and pulled them out, I was totally overjoyed with my purchase.  There were over 50 of these books dating from the early 1970′s and all are in good condition with just a few that have a few drawings on them.

For a little while I have been keeping an eye out for Golden Books from my childhood. I have a box down in the shed that is full of some of my favourite stories as a kid.   The kids have snavelled a few already and love looking at the pictures in them and listening to the fabulous stories.


Unfortunately in our house our laundry is rather small.  It was a room no one put any thought into at all.   It has always been a space that drives me a little mad, there is no room and we tend to throw the washing in on the floor and on top of the machine.   We then close the door and pretend nothing is in there.

This weekend we decided to just make a few simple changes to make it a bit better.  We put up some shelves we had hiding away in the cupboard, and moved everything around a bit.  Amazing that just by moving one cupboard, we made the space feel bigger.  A few baskets and tins that had been picked up on sale could now finally be removed from the cupboard they were stored in and used.

I just need to head to bunnings for a few pots to pop outside the window so we are not staring at a very grey fence, and maybe I won’t hate doing laundry quite so much.

I think with a fabulous laundry I probably wouldn’t mindspending time in there (I loathe doing the washing), so I still dream that one day I have a fabulously huge and functional laundry.

I think this may be my dream laundry

So whilst I won’t be getting a bigger room anytime soon, I think we must definately save up for some lovely white cupboards to adorn the walls, and it is definately time for a paint job in there to brighten it all up (maybe next weekends project).  I have some gorgeous duck egg blue paint left over which I think will be perfect.


I have been meaning to try this little activity for a little while, and so today after cleaning up the crayons, pencils and texta’s once more, thought it was high time I tried it.

Like every parent, we have a million little bits of crayon that have been snapped and you just cannot bear to throw them out.  By recycling them you can create some groovy shapes and add to your crayon stash.

All you need to do is gather up all your old crayons and take the paper off – a bit of a tedious task if you are impatient like me.

Then break them into small bits and colour code them if you would like.  I then added each colour to some small jars.

The jars were then placed in a pot of boiling water and left there till they melted.  You can use a skewer to stir and check.

Once melted, remove from stove, and very carefully take jars out (I used tea towels to hold them) and then pour the melted wax into moulds.

I covered my surface in tin foil, so any spills were easily cleaned up.

I used some old lollipop and chocolate moulds I found in the cupboard.  You can also use an old muffin tin.

Leave them to cool, then they simply turn upside down and pop out.  There you have it, new crayons in next to no time.

I was out doing a bit of second hand shopping today and managed to pick this up at a local shop.  It is a gorgeous blue bird money box.  I have always had a soft spot for blue birds, and even though I have no idea what I am going to do with it, I just couldn’t resist buying it and bring it home.

I think for now she will just remain on my desk looking at me.

There has been some crazy weather happening around this great nation of ours over the past few weeks.  Even poor old Gero was not immune to a bit of strange weather.

We happened to be out and about and one of the rare times my camera was in the car so we stopped to watch a huge dust storm approaching over the ocean.  It occurred so fast, literally in all of about 15 minutes, it came, it sandblasted, it poured with rain and the wind howled and then it was over.

At home we discovered 4 trees and a clothesline had toppled, as well as a general mess in our yard – rubbish and tree bits blown about.

Thankfully our little taste of bad weather was no where near in comparison to other areas of Australia.   It really is a crazy start to 2011.  I wonder what is in store for the remainder?